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It's My Day!

We are a balloon decoration company located in the beautiful Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada. Our expertise is creating magical and memorable experiences through enchanting decorations, primarily focusing on children's birthday parties and special themed events. At our heart, we are creators of wonder, crafting unique and whimsical balloon displays that transport your celebrations to a world of imagination. In addition to our enchanting balloon decor, we have the unique ability to bring beloved characters to life, adding an extra touch of magic to your events. Let us transform your gatherings into extraordinary moments filled with joy and creativity.


Birthday Party Decor

Special Event Decor

School Decor

Goodie Bags

Birthday Cake

Knitted Craft

and More!

Everyone is special, everyone is unique, everyone has their day. It's your day today!


If you can imagine it, we can make it!


We custom made all sorts of twisted balloons to match you're party theme!



We are happy to answer any questions and plan the special day with you along the way to make your special day all about you. Everyone deserves the best of their special day!

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